Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and legal consultation

Acquisition of necessary licenses and certificates

Market access risk management

Connectivity and Infrastructure

Infrastructure offering (AWS/co-location/hybrid deployment)

Cloud-integrated networking for advanced global connectivity and last-mile performance

Infra/Network managed services


Local commercial management

Smart processing of 'Order-to-Cash' journey via Boss platform

SLA settlement

24*7 multilingual call center services

Customer support delivered by highly trained IT professionals

Eco Partnership

Baked-in Sinnet Cloud Platform for market promotion and solution syndication

Local salesforce and channel partners

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Steps to Land Your Solution in China

An operating entity with proven track of records;A plug-and-play landing scheme.

Regulatory Requirements & Qualifications

Regulatory Requirements & Qualifications

  • VATS
  • Security (MLPS)
  • Industry-specific certificates and qualifications
  • Biz admin formalities
Local Deployment and Implementation

Local Deployment and Implementation

  • Cloud direct connect and SD-WAN
  • DR and Hybrid deployment
  • Infra and network operation and maintenance
Commercial Management

Commercial Management

  • Contract management
  • Invoicing (Fapiao) & Dunning
  • Tax planning & optimization
  • Settlement & Remittance
Localized Customer Support

Localized Customer Support

  • 24*7 multilingual call center
  • Trouble shooting and technical support
Exposure and Access to Local Market

Exposure and Access to Local Market

  • Marketing operation
  • Media resources
  • Partnership development
  • Local sales channels
Fulfilling driving experiences
  • Fulfilling Driving Experiences

  • Penta Security Systems Inc. is an information technology security firm headquartered in the dynamic, innovative city of Seoul, Korea. Its product portfolio includes solutions of Connected Car Security and Smart Car Security, which safeguard automobile info-security and enhance overall driving experience. As Penta Security's authorized operator, Sinnet Cloud helped its CARMOMILE application to successfully roll out in China via services of compliance and risk management, AWS adoption, business operation and market promotion.

MNC- global leader in consumer electronics
  • MNC- global leader in consumer electronics

  • Customer Scenario

    A global enterprise well-established in China with self-owned local sales, marketing and technical support teams.

    Looking for a partner to help with regulatory compliance and business operation.

  • CAP Solution

    Sinnet Cloud provided compliance consultation and helped to acquire licenses to meet China local regulatory requirements.

    Delivered commercial operation and customer support services.

  • Core Benefits

    Market access risks mitigated.

    Successfully launched new business with decreased time and operating expenses.

Japanese software vendor, proficient in data migration.
  • Japanese software vendor, proficient in data migration.

  • Customer Scenario

    A foreign company wants to enter China with insufficient local resources.

    Aspiring to better understand China market access procedures and to get help with local operation and market development.

  • CAP Solution

    A customized landing scheme of compliance, BizOps and GTM solutions.

  • Core Benefits

    Market entry risks mitigated with deep cost reduction.

    Shortened TTM. Launched its cloud business in China in 4 months’ time.

    Agility and scalability ensured.

Sinnet-Cloud family, We enable your cloud success in China!

Sinnet-Cloud family, We enable your cloud success in China!